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> Downloads :: IBPro Arcade Game Downloads :: ZombIdle
File Information Screenshot
Name: ZombIdle
Author: grimm
Submitted By: Arcade Bot
Submitted: Thu, Aug 9 2018 7:08 pm
(Updated on Aug 9, 2018 7:09 pm)
Views: 47
Downloads: 7
Destroy buildings with your horde of zombies by clicking endlessly while collecting skulls to increase your overall damage. This game submits score in the background without refreshing the page.

***Update to version 1.03.059 (8/08/18)*** - Greed overcomes All, Regicide now desired

Welcome back for another Zombidle update! Sorry for the mini-delay on this one, we ran into an issue where collecting the Kings Chest with Chest Collector caused a soft-lock - whoops!

You can now continue your Multi-World Farming conquest up to 100% with the hiring of the countries respective King - the villagers aren't too happy about it I imagine.

See below for the patch notes!
•Multi-World Farming Kings are now purchasable!
•Pleasure Pack has replaced the Nipply Pack!
•Divine Protein Powder now has an effect!
•- "Multiply Total DPS per White Orb by 10,000% Stacks Multiplicatively." In-game it shows the incorrect tool-tip, this will be updated next patch!
•Beads of Power now benefit from Muon Ghost Amplifier bonus
•Fixed enormous draw call bug with monster items in small view
•Reduced decimal accuracy from thousandth to hundredth (2 decimal places)
•Black area on world map now consumes the click instead of pushing it to the world behind it
•Timer underneath 'To Hell' button now displays shortest craft timer
•Offline Progression calculations have been updated to hopefully be more accurate and faster.
File Details File Options
File Type: .tar
File Size 57.58 Mb
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Rating: Not Rated
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