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Obi-Wan Kenobi ( 21/08/19 01:26 pm ) Obi-Wan Kenobi has just broken sidbaron07 highscore of 7,275 in Rotator - Immortals with a new highscore of 7,425   ·   Obi-Wan Kenobi ( 21/08/19 01:19 pm ) Obi-Wan Kenobi has just broken GooReR highscore of 7,050 in Rotator - Escape From Planet Earth with a new highscore of 7,875   ·   Obi-Wan Kenobi ( 21/08/19 01:11 pm ) Obi-Wan Kenobi has just set a new score of 7,125 in Rotator - Dr Who Series 7   ·   Obi-Wan Kenobi ( 21/08/19 01:07 pm ) Obi-Wan Kenobi has just broken KarinaB highscore of 7,575 in Rotator - Alpha Omega with a new highscore of 8,550   ·   Obi-Wan Kenobi ( 21/08/19 12:53 pm ) Obi-Wan Kenobi has just broken bladejuven highscore of 11,160 in Bomb It with a new highscore of 15,779   ·   Obi-Wan Kenobi ( 21/08/19 12:17 pm ) Obi-Wan Kenobi has just set a new score of 31,000 in Replace Hindi 05   ·   Obi-Wan Kenobi ( 21/08/19 11:40 am ) Obi-Wan Kenobi has just broken Mr. Wonderful highscore of 6,450 in Rotator - Continental Drift with a new highscore of 7,125   ·   jjaychooch ( 21/08/19 11:32 am ) jjaychooch has just broken Mr. Wonderful highscore of 5,600 in Connect-Tamil 01 with a new highscore of 7,400   ·   Obi-Wan Kenobi ( 21/08/19 10:52 am ) Obi-Wan Kenobi has just broken kid highscore of 30 in Mystic Way Normal v32 with a new highscore of 60   ·   Mr. Wonderful ( 21/08/19 08:54 am ) Mr. Wonderful has just broken KarinaB highscore of 21,100 in Scooby Doo Mystery Machine Ride with a new highscore of 29,200

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Rankings for -Indigo-Generation-
Times Played
High Score Age
Air Fox 35,525 1 out of 12 470 3616d 23h 41m 30s
American Poker II 50,000 1 out of 22 1316 3620d 1h 9m 31s
American Poker II 30,000 1 out of 11 733 3594d 21h 25m 0s
Anim Blackjack 94,800 1 out of 6 1261 3534d 19h 27m 11s
Armada Assault 73,945 1 out of 7 509 4142d 21h 56m 30s
Baby Kicker 305 1 out of 18 593 3614d 19h 54m 53s
Beef Bash 980 1 out of 5 382 3550d 23h 11m 28s
Black X-Mas Boobs 3,000 1 out of 7 2062 4139d 16h 39m 31s
Blackjack 252,000 1 out of 20 979 3535d 22h 40m 43s
Brown Cow Curling 260 1 out of 8 485 3591d 17h 17m 30s
Cable Capers 2 32,500 1 out of 9 513 3548d 14h 10m 48s
Captin Zero 140,360 1 out of 8 663 3545d 26m 25s
Counter Strike Source 95 1 out of 7 608 4142d 15h 57m 14s
Degrassi Boobs 202,000 1 out of 5 2188 3590d 8m 7s
Desert Storm 50,450 1 out of 8 476 3565d 13h 57m 18s
Desert Storm 15,350 1 out of 2 787 3628d 22h 13m 51s
Dungeon Hunt 386,243 1 out of 2 443 3542d 2h 2m 35s
Evan Almighty Zoo Rescue 168,712 1 out of 5 430 3542d 20h 49m 24s
Fake Or Slutty 3 1,000 1 out of 5 411 3621d 6h 21m 29s
Feed Me 16,841 1 out of 7 535 3581d 22h 10m 37s
Fill In The Blank: The Office 1,000 1 out of 3 454 3552d 1h 32m 37s
Find Her Differents: Latina Girls 37,500 1 out of 13 2047 3583d 14h 34m 59s
Finders Keepers 4,850 1 out of 11 353 3593d 38m 37s
Fishing Lalala 141,540 1 out of 9 470 3616d 2h 44m 5s
Fishing Lalala 6,240 1 out of 9 469 3616d 7h 4m 23s
Flash Halo v1 16 1 out of 3 716 4142d 15h 33m 32s
Fun Online Poker 8.424 1 out of 12 691 3617d 3h 21m 8s
GI JOE: Valley of Flame 350 1 out of 17 700 3615d 5h 36m 34s
Halloween Slingo Slots 292,680 1 out of 27 913 3575d 15h 19m 42s
Harpoon Lagoon 2,458 1 out of 11 660 3615d 21h 32m 47s
High Dive Hero 1,024 1 out of 7 394 3590d 20h 44m 57s
Interactive Buddy 4,400.08 1 out of 5 1217 3550d 21h 44m 40s
Jedi Trainer 8,738 1 out of 26 806 4142d 13h 49m 6s
Jedi Trainer 11,282 1 out of 8 449 4142d 15h 1m 10s
Jungle Jumble 2 39,900 1 out of 9 531 3587d 3h 32m 12s
Kirby Star 86 1 out of 10 1303 3620d 7h 36m 31s
Kung Fu Election 192,900 1 out of 4 517 3559d 5h 37m 16s
Luigi Mini Game 160,180 1 out of 13 595 3551d 21h 32m 53s
Luigis Adventure 364,920 1 out of 22 669 3548d 4h 43m 18s
Luigis Day 9,110 1 out of 11 1310 3551d 21h 49m 56s
Makai Hockey 8 1 out of 6 487 3591d 19h 4m 53s
Mario Adventure 2 7,884 1 out of 17 867 3551d 19h 27m 17s
Marios Adventure 2 112 1 out of 12 708 3550d 18h 53m 14s
Mario`s Time Attack 63 1 out of 4 498 3550d 19h 37m 14s
Naval Attack 30,000 1 out of 7 555 3552d 13h 26m 2s
Nuke Me 8,979 1 out of 10 637 3615d 20h 33m 28s
Parking Zone 990 1 out of 23 677 3588d 19h 24m 6s
Pirahna 1,340 1 out of 7 431 3591d 18h 18m 48s
Quick Park 16,360 1 out of 6 390 3614d 3h 4m 10s
Quick Park 61,130 1 out of 4 442 3614d 3h 7m 55s
Raiden X 7,556,670 1 out of 12 612 3588d 23h 19m 57s
Raven Hearst 3,836 1 out of 8 2057 3592d 17h 24m 17s
Score in Germany 7,759 1 out of 10 496 3615d 2h 5m 23s
Slot Flash 3,265 1 out of 16 524 3629d 5h 54m 57s
Space Flight 55,545 1 out of 5 470 3548d 17h 45m 49s
Space Monkey 13,814 1 out of 7 442 3614d 2h 39m 30s
Spanish 21 4,100 1 out of 15 1213 3537d 20h 53m 56s
Super Mario Flash HV 15,000 1 out of 7 589 3547d 5m 19s
Super Mouse Destroyer 3 894 1 out of 11 432 3551d 29m 8s
SuperMario Rampage 125,010 1 out of 29 564 3548d 21h 15m 8s
TBS - Texas Hold'em 250,000 1 out of 9 2252 3621d 6h 43m 49s
Terrolympics 2 3,090 1 out of 9 564 3563d 17h 28m 40s
Terrorlympics 2 Taliban-e-Langdi 3,090 1 out of 6 827 3563d 16h 18m 3s
Tommy Gun! 1,110 1 out of 17 552 3553d 15h 35m 22s
Turbocharged Penguins 632.89 1 out of 11 712 3619d 2h 3m 41s
Video Poker Joker Wild 7,000 1 out of 12 665 3593d 23h 10m 55s
Vorti cube 710 1 out of 6 955 3551d 1h 3m 21s
What`s Her Bra Size? 100 1 out of 8 472 3564d 16h 28m 33s
Whoose Badonka Donk 3 5,612 1 out of 5 489 3587d 2h 51m 54s
Whose Tattoo 3 1,000 1 out of 4 440 3554d 2h 43m 55s
Zombie Defence 2,000 1 out of 8 1011 3546d 18h 30m 30s
Zombie Defence 1,000 1 out of 8 509 3552d 16h 50m 42s

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est Guest Guest Guest Cobion.com Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Cobion.com Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Cobion.com Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Cobion.com Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Cobion.com Guest Guest Guest Guest Cobion.com Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Cobion.com Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Cobion.com Guest Guest Guest Cobion.com Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest

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