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Vakko74 ( 25/08/19 10:52 pm ) Vakko74 has just broken Rddz70 highscore of 484,016 in Bloods vs Crips with a new highscore of 559,898   ·   KarinaB ( 25/08/19 10:37 pm ) KarinaB has just broken Mr. Wonderful highscore of 240,350 in Puzzle Candy Ball 3xb with a new highscore of 243,350   ·   KarinaB ( 25/08/19 10:22 pm ) KarinaB has just set a new score of 1,614 in Puzzle - Andromeda   ·   Mr. Wonderful ( 25/08/19 10:17 pm ) Mr. Wonderful has just broken KarinaB highscore of 220,650 in Puzzle Candy Ball 3xb with a new highscore of 240,350   ·   bouncier ( 25/08/19 10:09 pm ) bouncier has just broken bouncier highscore of 1,010 in Deadly Dwarves with a new highscore of 1,310   ·   bouncier ( 25/08/19 10:05 pm ) bouncier has just broken bouncier highscore of 425 in Deadly Dwarves with a new highscore of 1,010   ·   bouncier ( 25/08/19 10:03 pm ) bouncier has just set a new score of 425 in Deadly Dwarves   ·   KarinaB ( 25/08/19 09:53 pm ) KarinaB has just broken Obi-Wan Kenobi highscore of 1,200 in Puzzle - Andy Warhols Women with a new highscore of 1,550   ·   KarinaB ( 25/08/19 09:14 pm ) KarinaB has just broken Obi-Wan Kenobi highscore of 1,028 in Puzzle - And Now... with a new highscore of 1,323   ·   KarinaB ( 25/08/19 06:59 pm ) KarinaB has just broken Obi-Wan Kenobi highscore of 1,321 in Puzzle - Anatomie Eines Mordes with a new highscore of 1,450

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Rankings for TowerKing
Times Played
High Score Age
110 Meters Hurdles 58.9 1 out of 2 408 215d 22h 41m 30s
5 Christmas Ornaments In A Line 724 1 out of 6 185 21d 23h 41m 55s
5 Hearts In A Line 1,951 1 out of 7 1407 137d 16h 15m 59s
5 Ladybugs In A Line 1,276 1 out of 6 564 147d 16h 57m 16s
5 Stars In A Line 1,253 1 out of 6 156 147d 22h 18m 4s
Acid Trip! 7,019 1 out of 5 368 73d 20h 45m 44s
Adventure Time Dream Heaven 1,004 1 out of 4 251 77d 22h 32m 35s
Agent 420 520 1 out of 4 1743 134d 17h 37m 16s
Air Runner 1,020 1 out of 5 112 177d 15h 33m 35s
Alien Go Home 930,014 1 out of 3 88 215d 17h 10m 9s
Alpha Bounty - Full 4,125 1 out of 1 92 17d 17h 57m 38s
Alpha Bounty - Insane 1,761 1 out of 2 12 90d 8h 52m 6s
Angry Old Wizard 90 1 out of 5 248 137d 21h 5m 57s
Animal Sudoku 14,304 1 out of 2 387 154d 16h 17m 22s
Anti Wirus v32 14,420 1 out of 3 188 182d 34m 8s
Apocalyptic Tower 494 1 out of 3 473 160d 23h 51m 38s
Aqua Energizer (Demo) 176 1 out of 5 250 176d 6h 47m 2s
Ashes to Ashes 6,237 1 out of 13 574 127d 17h 27m 41s
Ball 2,360 1 out of 8 425 120d 5h 48m 57s
Ball Eat 3,400 1 out of 4 127 161d 21h 37m 19s
Balloon Shoot 3,604 1 out of 1 46 38d 18h 42m 48s
Basil Brush Gobbler 11,354 1 out of 29 1168 132d 20h 48m 26s
Batman Dangerous Buildings 163 1 out of 2 99 190d 16h 26m 41s
Bee Buzz! 38 1 out of 6 266 51d 19h 33m 36s
Ben10 vs Zombies Hard v32 12,300 1 out of 2 78 43d 1h 33m 5s
Big Joes Homerun 9,492 1 out of 6 299 184d 15h 55m 7s
Bird Invader 24,401 1 out of 3 92 61d 17h 38m 5s
Birds Defenders 28,409 1 out of 2 245 34d 19h 26m 24s
BitCrusher 3,633 1 out of 4 628 36d 5h 41m 50s
Blocked! - Hard 18,040 1 out of 5 161 134d 57m 11s
Blocked! - Intermediate 12,330 1 out of 3 1015 166d 19h 39m 15s
Blokks Hot - Alshu 5 632 1 out of 2 104 46d 16h 39m 4s
Blokks Hot - Bengali 02 691 1 out of 1 10 55d 17h 7m 56s
Blokks Hot - Chrome 04 721 1 out of 2 281 120d 1h 35m 20s
Blokks Hot - Chrome 07 845 1 out of 2 110 71d 4h 12m 50s
Blokks Hot - Flash Tools 03 735 1 out of 5 104 125d 17h 8m 30s
Blokks Hot - Hindi 01 446 1 out of 1 89 27d 17h 39m 13s
Blokks Hot - Hindi 04 689 1 out of 4 159 214d 15h 44m 54s
Blokks Hot - Kannada 04 861 1 out of 4 115 204d 23h 12m 20s
Blokks Hot - Kannada 06 701 1 out of 2 73 40d 20h 22m 56s
Blokks Hot - Karten 01 549 1 out of 1 71 94d 21h 9m 28s
Blokks Hot - Karten 05 520 1 out of 1 26 19d 18h 5m 50s
Blokks Hot - Karten 06 346 1 out of 2 212 131d 18h 13m 13s
Blokks Hot - Oriya 3 701 1 out of 3 129 125d 18h 12m 58s
Blokks Hot - Ostern 04 815 1 out of 3 176 178d 16h 13m 55s
Blokks Hot - Retro 04 626 1 out of 3 214 109d 18h 28m 27s
Blokks Hot - Tamil 03 610 1 out of 1 220 83d 22h 2m 40s
Bowl for Kids Sake 379 1 out of 4 349 169d 16h 16m 26s
Bowling 92 1 out of 4 218 169d 4h 44m 56s
Bubble Shooter Billionaire 74,710 1 out of 3 444 160d 17h 18m 55s
Bubbools 342,420 1 out of 4 288 168d 15h 38m 55s
Bully Basher 20,600 1 out of 6 531 144d 19h 2m 9s
Bullyrush 11,640 1 out of 3 93 133d 23h 19m 30s
Candies Crush 21,610 1 out of 7 163 70d 2h 29m 45s
Cannon Pop Blitz 3,105 1 out of 3 192 169d 17h 2m 51s
Care Assistant 722 1 out of 3 601 141d 4h 59m 9s
Caribbean Pirates 1,330 1 out of 5 214 175d 16h 19m 1s
Cat Bowling 157 1 out of 7 308 175d 15h 50m 9s
Cave Bat 1,870 1 out of 9 465 106d 2h 11m 17s
Circuit In Queue 99.58 1 out of 5 116 169d 19h 43m 43s
Cliff Diver 15 1 out of 11 946 43d 17h 15m 4s
Clydes Revenge 250 1 out of 3 156 181d 19h 2m 21s
Collinks Remix - Shift 53,680 1 out of 2 239 90d 19h 10m 5s
Confrontation Easy 5,904 1 out of 3 441 43d 2h 2m 25s
Conundrum 3D 999 1 out of 4 699 210d 3h 57m 37s
Cops N Robbers 62,759 1 out of 5 133 183d 1h 3m 11s
Cow Copter 20,100 1 out of 3 95 140d 8h 1m 21s
Crazy Adventures 2,410 1 out of 5 90 50d 21h 27m 0s
Day In The Park 2,610 1 out of 3 92 77d 17h 29m 10s
Dead Duck 30 1 out of 8 774 34d 20h 39m 28s
Death Valley 5,382 1 out of 4 367 203d 7h 55m 1s
Death walker 248 1 out of 3 514 172d 17h 58m 47s
Dolphin Dive - Dive Points 130 1 out of 6 332 105d 17h 7m 45s
Dora Fairy Cart Wheels 6,900 1 out of 3 270 215d 23h 2m 4s
Dragon Wizard 2,206 1 out of 4 416 144d 16h 45m 23s
Eco Battler 2 138 1 out of 3 321 143d 16h 40m 58s
Eco Pirate v32 729 1 out of 4 347 133d 16h 53m 0s
EggSperts 34 1 out of 9 530 215d 23h 35m 24s
Eva Project 1,770 1 out of 2 126 42d 21h 34m 57s
Family Guy Fill In The Blanks 1,000 1 out of 4 616 215d 21h 37m 59s
Fantastic Treasures Of The Pacific Ocean 40 1 out of 3 896 81d 16h 59m 22s
Fireworks Kart Racing 198,710 1 out of 4 104 137d 19h 35m 39s
Fishing Fun 143,550 1 out of 4 180 139d 19h 40m 12s
Five in a Line v32 2,088 1 out of 3 212 36d 18h 5m 24s
Flip Words 107,350 1 out of 27 1053 126d 6h 35m 46s
Fort Knox Blox 1,239 1 out of 2 163 143d 7h 31m 10s
frenzy Bar 252 1 out of 1 97 133d 16h 28m 38s
Fruit Toothpicks 8,100 1 out of 6 307 84d 7h 46m 39s
Fun N Fruits 6,070 1 out of 3 222 125d 18h 22m 29s
Fun Surfing 1,983 1 out of 11 520 127d 16h 2m 36s
Funny Army 824 1 out of 3 187 159d 19h 43m 33s
Gems Shooting 74,800 1 out of 4 217 199d 19h 48m 25s
Go Go Plant 5,000 1 out of 3 200 168d 17h 17m 59s
Gone to the Dogs 153,186 1 out of 4 427 167d 23h 36m 24s
Gorball 17,888 1 out of 4 208 98d 23h 28m 25s
Guess Five 3,778 1 out of 6 944 34d 19h 48m 44s
Guessword 18,065 1 out of 5 444 54d 20h 5m 39s
Hazard Lane 4,818,752 1 out of 5 946 52d 9h 59m 56s
Headplode 2,664 1 out of 4 102 180d 20h 17m 29s
High - Low 130 1 out of 6 494 159d 17h 2m 43s
Hoodwinked Adventure v32 23,746 1 out of 4 163 234d 17h 53m 29s
Huje Adventure 711 1 out of 2 63 70d 7h 12m 47s
Icy Gifts 2 202,050 1 out of 3 82 99d 7h 56m 10s
Inertia 85,597 1 out of 4 145 133d 23h 54s
It's Raining Swords! v32 414 1 out of 4 290 133d 23h 39m 31s
Jasmine Flyingv32 4,540 1 out of 3 508 176d 3h 31m 25s
Jewels Jack 19 1 out of 5 253 71d 3h 35m 38s
Jigsaw Puzzle 84 95,490 1 out of 5 335 77d 3h 31m 44s
Joes Farm 3,140 1 out of 4 556 167d 16h 52m 8s
Jolly Jigsaw Ice Age 625 1 out of 1 138 99d 7h 28m 6s
Jump Out The Box 6,287 1 out of 6 175 50d 7h 18m 54s
Jumporama 2 3,104 1 out of 3 128 168d 6h 59m 29s
Jungle Bubble 1,525 1 out of 4 243 49d 1h 8m 39s
Kangaroo Jack Outback Rumble 582 1 out of 4 323 159d 19h 30m 28s
Klax 3D - Hard 440 1 out of 3 385 49d 22h 46m 23s
Knights Magic Solitaire Hard 3,140 1 out of 3 187 185d 17h 52m 33s
Lagoon Quest 95,500 1 out of 6 808 22d 1h 47m 12s
Letter Doolhof 3,734 1 out of 7 1074 31d 14h 7m 48s
Link TrainHopping 1,020 1 out of 7 669 137d 19h 15m 18s
Magic Way 1,800 1 out of 2 118 92d 4h 12m 11s
Maskot Kombat 6,229,400 1 out of 3 642 197d 4h 58m 35s
Melketid 23 1 out of 1 962 71d 3h 57m 33s
Mighty Spidy 16,760 1 out of 2 155 151d 18h 21m 57s
Mile High Club 16 1 out of 20 1070 119d 44m 38s
Mini Jeep Ride 17,500 1 out of 3 209 133d 17h 14m 22s
Mouse of the Dead 19,975 1 out of 3 128 190d 3h 49m 26s
Pathians Solitaire 3,400 1 out of 3 232 176d 3h 43m 28s
Pickies 909 1 out of 2 102 106d 1h 9m 6s
Pickies Puzzle 1,743 1 out of 6 287 72d 17h 17m 33s
Piplet Extreme 3,124 1 out of 7 343 92d 6h 28m 41s
Pirate Chains 14,258 1 out of 5 180 162d 15h 54m 56s
Pirates Keep 26,810 1 out of 5 159 78d 5h 46m 34s
Play Ball 9,200 1 out of 6 243 36d 23h 23m 50s
Plumma 112,466 1 out of 5 182 91d 17h 17m 8s
Pop Picos 92 1 out of 15 804 37d 17h 30m 19s
Priates Bubbles 85,815 1 out of 5 299 22d 5h 38m 32s
Profoundness 10,050 1 out of 17 459 125d 17h 51m 46s
Pushies Plus 2 Insane 2,529 1 out of 4 117 130d 18h 15m 13s
Putting Mad 21,713 1 out of 8 409 127d 8h 14m 33s
Puzzle - Amador 772 1 out of 1 107 111d 20h 23m 8s
Puzzle - Amarcord 1,046 1 out of 1 81 120d 17h 27m 26s
Puzzle - Ambulance 1,017 1 out of 1 8 90d 17h 34m 57s
Puzzle - American Heart 4,732 1 out of 1 65 48d 23h 47m 9s
Puzzle - American Hustle 851 1 out of 1 71 52d 17h 28m 5s
Puzzle - American Pop 852 1 out of 1 85 39d 21h 7m 56s
Puzzle - Amigos 752 1 out of 1 43 41d 7h 39m 52s
Puzzle - Amphitryon 793 1 out of 1 66 77d 2h 48m 55s
Puzzle - Amy 1,018 1 out of 1 122 90d 18h 51m 49s
Puzzle - Anatomie 1,028 1 out of 1 11 119d 22h 32m 50s
Puzzle - Anatomie Einer Entfuehrung 991 1 out of 1 17 83d 18h 25s
Puzzle - Andy Warhols Bad 979 1 out of 1 181 83d 18h 17m 57s
Puzzle - Angel Baby 786 1 out of 1 65 94d 17h 30m 54s
Puzzle - Angriff Ist Die Beste Verteidig 1,018 1 out of 1 139 119d 22h 14m 55s
Puzzle - InvisionGames 2,688 1 out of 6 364 16d 4h 16m 36s
Pyramid Adventures 5,170 1 out of 2 397 133d 20h 55m 22s
Rainbow Spawn TD Deep Blue 5,067 1 out of 1 172 83d 23h 53m 7s
Rainbow Spawn TD Easy 105,476 1 out of 1 395 84d 1h 58m 29s
Raju Meter2 v32 20,300 1 out of 3 231 134d 17m 50s
React 598 1 out of 6 963 42d 5h 25m 33s
Rice Attack 25,600 1 out of 3 214 117d 18h 52m 27s
Road Crisis 1,825 1 out of 6 223 99d 6h 57m 13s
Rocket Guru 5,508 1 out of 11 406 134d 31m 16s
Rodent Tree Jump - Hard 50,888 1 out of 2 100 118d 17h 35m 46s
Rofling Gold 38,768 1 out of 4 115 133d 21h 28m 52s
Rons Free Fall 1,120 1 out of 4 197 78d 7h 9s
Sasquatch Games - Swing big stick 3,853 1 out of 4 917 99d 18h 42m 30s
SB Boo Or Boom 6,000 1 out of 3 322 215d 23h 47m 20s
Sea Island Slots v32 5,000 1 out of 5 922 166d 18h 42m 45s
Sheep Cannon - Feat 40,741 1 out of 4 134 163d 7h 55m 0s
Shimmer and Shine Bubbles 2,628 1 out of 5 65 44d 16h 38m 58s
Snow Madness 2 Impossible 342,100 1 out of 5 193 54d 19h 23m 29s
Spongebob Xtreme Bike 1,039 1 out of 5 280 145d 18h 9m 0s
Spot The Difference 2,590 1 out of 5 230 190d 22h 43m 29s
Swap the Stone 2 10,135 1 out of 4 193 111d 19h 47m 35s
Sweet Menace 415,000 1 out of 3 201 135d 9h 23m 31s
The 5 Ds Medium 15 1 out of 4 242 169d 22h 41m 16s
The Canyon TD - Normal 14,191 1 out of 2 191 138d 21h 57m 50s
The Chaos Reactor Standard 38,400 1 out of 4 247 78d 7h 20m 43s
The Pumpkin 1,500 1 out of 5 200 118d 20h 38m 12s
Tiny Tom 412 1 out of 3 600 120d 7h 6m 41s
Todd's Jetpack Jeopardy 27,873 1 out of 4 922 39d 19h 37m 45s
Treasure of Cutlass Reef 19,900 1 out of 4 174 166d 18h 3m 27s
Tropical Bee Boxing 29,824 1 out of 14 923 120d 21h 24m 41s
Ufo Mania - Normal 50 1 out of 1 89 44d 18h 42m 4s
ULINES 360 1 out of 9 699 97d 21h 36m 45s
Ultimate Mama's Boy 13,425 1 out of 3 299 154d 6h 18m 22s
Vector TDX 2,201,542 1 out of 12 8951 242d 19h 38m 9s
Whats the Catch - Full 6,700 1 out of 4 30 36d 22h 1m 9s
Z-Wars - Full 3,780 1 out of 3 41 188d 6h 49m 35s
Zombie Outbreak 2,007 1 out of 2 331 215d 21h 24m 21s

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